I had the delight of meeting Ben, Kristy and little Alex last year, when Kristy was pregnant with Thea. They mentioned that they would love to have a family shoot with all 4 of them when Little Thea was a couple of months old and the weather didnt resemble winter as much.

So, the weekend of 19th March, we met at Whisby Nature Reserve, the other side of Lincoln, and had a lovely walk around the trials there. Its always lovely to walk and talk, in between shooting at certain pre-set locations, as you really get to understand what the customer wants, and for this lovely family they just wanted to show the unity of family having laughs and enjoying themselves.
We were lucky enough that the high winds had dropped and the sun was peaking through the cloud enough to be able to capture some really great personal shots. Below are some of my album favourites and why that is.
This photo shows Alex running back towards me, leaving his family in the background. I love the contrast of sharp focus of him and the blurriness of his parents in the background.
This wasnt a planned posed shot. I was getting my stuff ready to move on and Ben just happened to be trying to keep Alex happy and entertained as the promise of ice cream seemed to stop working. I could hear them giggling away as Ben tickled Alex. I knew this was a moment not to be missed.
We arrived at a lovely patch of grass beside one of the walking routes. This was a pre determined stop to capture the blanket shots. The shot that they had in mind was little Thea and Alex sitting together. Sometimes though, planned shots dont always go to plan. But this was still a great captured moment, as Alex thought it was highly funny that little Thea kept falling over! Cue Ben also diving in to rescue her from face planting.
Kristy and Little Thea started out their walk with Thea in a baby carrier. This can present a problem when trying to capture front on shots. I do, however, like this shot because Kristy had been talking and laughing to Thea who responded with a lovely big smile whilst looking at me. Also, I like how piercing blue her eyes looked in the shot.
Finally, and my ultimate favourite shot of all was surprisingly taken by the customer, because it shows Alex and myself looking at the picture on the camera. He was so intrigued by the camera and wanted to look through the eyepiece and take pictures. I proceeded to help him and to try and capture some shots. When it comes to photography, it isnt just my job, business and career, its my passion. So when I see others that are intrigued and interested, I am always quick to show them, as a bit of encouragement, may potentially spark someone’s passion for photography.