Well Hello again. I seem to be getting behind on blogging and each time its longer between them. But I see that as a good thing. I have been extremely busy with upgrading the website, photoshoots and networking. The latter being the main subject of tonight’s blog.

On a recent event I was at the bar and I met Ed Bray from Smooth Turtle productions. Ed is a videographer and a wizard behind the lense. We instantly hit it off and he seemed easy going when chatting about photography and videography. Something that we are very passionate about not just because its our job but because we love to capture peoples stories.

We talked a lot about venues we had worked in, jobs we had done and equipment we have. Oh and not forgetting what our wish list of equipment would be (I want these lenses if your interested). This is a subject that most people would find really boring (my partner certainly gets bored). Anyway one thing led to another and we made a joke about “wouldn’t it be great to work together?” Well that really got us chomping at the bit then. We started scribbling ideas down on a napkin at the bar until we came up with some suggested packages we could offer. I never really thought it would actually happen, so the night drew to a close and we went our separate ways.

Couple of days later and I decided to sit down and start putting together some pages on my website, so that we could use these to promote to potential customers. I wanted some thing that could show both portfolios, without being to over the top with information.

I texted Ed, then messaged him, then emailed him and finally he saw (honeslty I’m not needy) I needed to know if Ed was as serous about this partnership as I was.

I can confirm that from today, we can now say we will be working together to offer you the best package to capture your day with both still images and video. If you really want to push the boat out we can even offer the magic mirror as part of the package.

Don’t worry there isn’t going to be a name change or a rebrand (although a mixture of our names would make Flurtle. HA HA HA HA)

So I will leave you with a few links to our joint page and portfolios. And if you would like to check availability for your wedding or event please get in contact with the button below.