So, Its 2 am and I cant sleep. I’m trawling through the world of social media and I stumble upon a post asking “how do I pick the right photographer for my wedding?” however all the comments underneath were photographers pushing their pages and other brides recommending their photographers. It occurred to me that her question had not been answered.

So here is a logical way of how best to do this. Of course we would love it if you choose us, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at other photographers to make sure you are happy with your choice of photographer. After all your wedding day is very important and making sure you have the right person for the job is key.

Photography is an art form so there’s always variations in style and price, just like when you buy an art piece.

This is the age-old question that comes up on these forums time and time again:

“How do I choose a wedding photographer?”

Here’s a simple guide that will definitely help you find your answer:

  • Photos are important, so its best to set a BUDGET first! A good guide is between 10% – 20% of your overall wedding budget. Ie 10 % £9000 wedding budget = £900 for photographer… but this is just a guide.
  • Next type in to google “wedding photographer” and your local area. Start looking at photographers work and see who’s photos you LOVE! Forget price for now, just go based on how much you LOVE the work. Trust me on this! SHORTLIST about ten. 
  • Then get in touch with them. Ask for quotes for what you’re looking for, e.g. – full-day, half-day, ceremony-only, etc. Do ask for both digital and print price to as this can have a dramatic change on pricing.
  • If they are not available on your date, scratch them off the SHORTLIST.
  • If they are over your budget, ask them if they can meet it in any way (e.g. – either a discount, or if they can give you a smaller package, etc.), if they can’t, or won’t, scratch them off the SHORTLIST. Be CHEEKY – shy brides get nowt! (But do remember this is also this person’s living and how they provide for their family. So don’t be offended if they say no)
  • You should be left with 3-5 whose work you LOVE and are within your set BUDGET. You now should MEET them.
  • If you like some more than others, scratch them off your SHORTLIST!
  • You should be left with 1 or 2, so your FINAL shortlisted photographers have work that you LOVE and are either within or close to your budget. This is where is gets difficult, so my advice would be to pick the PERSON you like the most. This person is going to be with you all day (except your bride/groom of course) so it is important that you like the photographer as a person.

I have a few things to add to this. Here’s a few questions to ask your photographers:

  • Does your photographer have insurance?

  • Does your photographer have a contract of services? – 

  • What is the back up plan if anything ever happened that your photographer couldn’t make the big day?

These are all things that any good photographer should have. Lastly, look at reviews. This is the best way of seeing what previous people have experienced. (But do be careful of reviews to as people can pay for positive reviews so read a couple and see if they sound genuine. Also be careful of fake 1 star reviews, this is also a service some people pay for. I know I had it done to my business.)

Once you have ticked every box, all there will be left to do is fill in your contract, pay a deposit and hey presto you have a photographer for your wedding.  Now all that’s left to do is plan the rest of your wedding.

**Hot Tip** Your photographer is a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding other services or items for your wedding, be sure to ask for their recommendations. After all these people attend weddings and meet a lot of other service providers.

I hope this has helped to shed some light on how to tackle the daunting task of finding your wedding photographer.