Well today is Wednesday 24th May. And as I have taken a day off due to a back problem, I sit in my garden writing this blog in the beautiful sun… what a way to recuperate.

Whist I sit here, I have our dog barney laying at my feet sunbathing and we are being treated to our very own air show from the local RAF base at Coninsgby. The amazing sound of the Spitfire’s Merlin engine can be heard approaching. As it flies over head, I have been thinking back at what has been happening over the last couple of weeks. I have realised I have been very quiet with social media posting and website content.

So here is a little update. Last Tuesday we collected our amazing new Magic Mirror Photo Booth… wow, what fun we’ve had at home in our living room; getting to know the full ins and outs of the booth and its programming. We have had some great laughs with trying out all our props as well. A particular favourite of mine is the Rastafarian glasses and beard.

It has been a busy couple of weeks getting everything organised for the arrival of our Magic Mirror. We’ve had an amazing response to the mirror. The sheer number of enquiries and bookings, taken not just for this year but well in to next year, is going to keep us very busy. If you have an event and would like us to be there then please contact us.

Check out my amazing poses I did while setting up different printing set ups.

It’s not just booths that have kept us busy.

We’ve had lots of wedding consultations and enquiries. It’s been great to travel all over the East Midlands to meet people and talk to the happy couples about their upcoming weddings. Its great to sit with people and help with the planning of their wedding. We get asked for all sorts of advice and contacts, not just photography questions.

Especially when it can be something as small as the wedding favours. We’ve had couples taking our option of photo frames that we provide for the Magic Mirror not just to use as the wedding favour, but for the table settings as well with a personalised message to their guests.

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Why not double up?

We want to be able to supply all your photography needs for your big day. So we’re offering the photo booth at a discounted rate when our wedding packages are booked.

It’s time to brush up

We always like to try new things and like to brush up on our skills. So we joined a group of photographers for a social photo shoot and had 2 lovely models – Paige and Jade with us.

It was really good to try new things like using natural sunlight especially in the golden hour to create beautiful images. Below you will see a few of my personal favourites from Stapleford Woods.

Thanks for reading I promise to not leave it so long before showing you all what we have been up to.