I’ve known Jamie for around a year. He is such a nice guy and is always talking about his son. I suggested that one day, it would be good to capture some memories of them both.

We went to Ostlers Plantation near Woodhall Spa. This is one of my favourite places to go to, whether it be for walking the dog or to taking customers to have a shoot. Having never met Noah before, he was such an amazing little bundle of fun on the shoot. Straight away he jumped out of the car and was asking about puddles. He had his bright blue wellies on and was determined to jump in them.
Poor Jamie hadnt even begun the walk and already his trainers were caked in mud from being dragged through the puddles too.
What I love to see in pictures is the connection between people on and off camera! Below you will see some of my favourite shots and why.
I’ve edited this shot in both colour and black and white, however I favour the colour. I personally liked this shot because it brought back the memory of trying to get Noah to smile and join in with the laughing, therefore we encouraged him to say cheese as loudly as possible.
Carrying on from the “Cheese” screaming saga, we asked Noah if he could sit on the stump and do it again. This is the result….him laughing from being able to shout cheese really loudly.
Shortly after sitting on the stump, we took a couple of minutes to have a look at what had been captured so far. While this was going on, Little Noah decided to start collecting pine cones, which, shortly after, I understood this to be his personal arsenal of weapons. We continued to shoot, here he is, caught in the act of finding the perfect weapon.
Following in from this, Jamie and I asked Noah to run toward me while I was lying on the floor! Cue the biggest, cheekiest grin I have ever seen! He set off at a full run, came in, took aim and threw his pine cone. Knowing that he was allowed to throw pine cones at me, we carried on as this method as it worked perfectly to keep him coming at the camera.
Finally, I like this shot because it’s simple! This is just a dad and his little boy enjoying a walk in the forest.