Mat and I have worked together when I was in hospitality. When he approached me about wanting a shoot for his partner Sherry, as a Mother’s Day gift after seeing one of my Facebook offers, I had some ideas of injecting real colour into the photos. Having known Mat for a long time, I knew that Sherry had a love of Lindy Bop dresses and I’d seen both her and Belle with red dresses.

When Mat told Sherry, she was so excited. We chatted at length about what they should or could wear as this was something new to them. My response was simple – usually customers come in what they feel comfortable with, but I really liked the thought of getting the red in there, as the shots could be really livened up with the vibrant colour.
Because Belle was becoming shy quite quickly, her dad and I decided to be a bit silly and see if that could bring her out of her shell. Together, we suggested that her and mum take a picture of us to show how fun it could be. Cue my friend Mat, fully embracing the silliness and wrapping his leg around me. This helped massively to bring Belle out of her shell and get involved.
I then asked if Belle could join her dad to get some nice ones of them together. Personally, I like this because it shows the vulnerability of her and reaching out and holding on to her dads collar and finger, showing that he is her protector. This shot I dub the “Beauty and the Beast” (sorry Mat).
This is a lovely Family shot, and I really like how the reds contrast nicely against the green grass. It’s a shame the sun couldn’t have shown through the clouds.
I really like this shot, because its a simple shot and that it’s a mother and daughter shot. I like how even though they aren’t wearing matching clothes, the colour scheme is in sync. The bold red colours actively stand out of the picture.
My final favourite shot from this album had a similar scenario to a previous shoot I had done the very same day. Because her dad and I had acted silly to get her interested, she then started wanting to see the pictures. It was at this point that Sherry had said she does like to take pictures. Now most people worry about equipment and what if it gets broken (this is usually me) but at this moment, I thought back to when people first let me use their very expensive gear to take pictures and I suggested that Belle have a look through my second camera. I personally feel that this shot was too good to miss. Here’s a little four year old girl desperately wanting to use the camera, and she figured that it would be best to steady it on her knee. She did manage to capture some shots and she thoroughly enjoyed being able to do so. Here’s one of Belle’s shots