Adam Clark

Adam is 22 years old. He is from Swineshead, near Boston, Lincolnshire. I have known Adam for a couple of years now. We met through a mutual friend. We hit it off straight away as Adam mentioned he loved photography and well I love talking to people about photography. Adam mentioned that he had come from a photography background as he had grown up with his dad who did this for a living. So it was almost in the genes. Anyway we got on to what camera Adam owned and he said he didn’t, he just borrowed our friends camera. I Invited him to come out with me and use one of my spare cameras. We had a great day and a good laugh.


I started to get a lot more bookings for wedding wanting a 2nd photographer and asked Adam if he wanted to work with me. He admitted he had never shot a wedding. So this was a perfect chance to learn if he seconded for me. We talked about cameras and how that would work. Well being the bad influence I am, I took Adam to the photography live show (its like a sweet shop for photographers) anyway its a massive show over 4 days. One thing led to another and well Adam got inspired to buy a camera for himself with a beautiful lens. There has been no turning back. Adam has joined me on a few weddings now and off he goes, getting great natural shots of the guests.

Anyway I’ll stop waffling now and let his pictures show how awesome his work is. Keep up the good work Adam and here’s to many more gigs to work together on.


 Engagement shoots

If you want to have a 2nd Photographer for your wedding then we can add this on to your package. To find out more please take a look at our wedding prices.