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Hi and thank you for visiting my website Flisher Photography ltd.

My name is Luke Flisher and I would like to tell you a little about me and the team I work with. 

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Luke Flisher

Position: Company owner

Since I was little I have always liked capturing images and video, my mum always likes to remind me of a time when I was 3 years old and I was using a video recorder to capture her with some horses. I can be heard asking on the video in a high pitched voice “ how do I turn the bideo off?” yes that’s correct I couldn’t say video. Fast forward 24 years and I was a manager of a large town pub. We had several people coming in on the Saturday nights to capture the patrons enjoying their night, but they never really captured the essence of the night and never quite got that perfect picture. So I decided one night that I would take the pictures, people quite quickly asked if I was taking photos that night as they really wanted one with their friends, and this is how my love for photography started. I got to interact with people; capturing them having fun and enjoying themselves - you could see the atmosphere in the picture.

Quite quickly I realised I had an eye for this and soon bought my own camera. I started off taking pictures of different National Trust gardens and buildings we visited. I wanted to be able to show them off and soon I made a Facebook page, but I didn’t quite have the courage to publish my page and waited nearly 4 months to do so. One day I was asked to help a friends’ parents out as their photographer had double booked and they needed someone for their wedding. This was the start of something. I knew I was good with people, I have after all worked in a range of customer service jobs for nearly 12 years. So, with all my experience from this I knew I must help out and shoot their wedding.

What has since followed in the last few years has been a great and steep learning curve. I really do love photography and making sure that I give the customer what they want. I am always certain that I will deliver the best experience to them no matter the scenario we are shooting as this is something I have always strived to achieve - giving the customer what they want.

Flisher Photography is now a team of 5… and a dog, our company Mascot Barney. They say behind every great man is a greater woman, and that runs true here. My Partner Helen helps me to manage enquiries and run most of the behind the scenes things like our website, marketing, bookings and of course Doggy care. She has since taken up the roll of beautician as well and is currently finishing her make up training so that she will be able to offer nails, lashes, make up and much more to those wanting a pampering session and photo-shoot.

I won’t waffle on any more, I will simply invite you to take a look at my portfolio and let the pictures do the rest of the talking for me.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon and capturing your memories.

Meet the Team

Helen Taylor

Position: Fiancee, Beautician, & Marketing Manager

Hi i'm Helen,

I'm Luke's fiancee. We have been together just over 6 years, and next year we are getting married. As Luke has said i'm the driving force behind all his marketing and keeping him organised. He is a real whirlwind when it comes to his business, he is all over the country all week long, so I help to keep him heading to the right places. It's more than just his passion, it's his life.

Seeing his passion for this it spurred me on to learn a trade for my self and I've always liked make up and nails. I now run Taylor'd therapies as well as help Luke run his business. I recently completed courses in lashes and Russian lashes, Swedish massage, nails and extensions and i'm just currently finishing my make up course. As soon as this is finished i'll be able to offer make up for shoots and brides.

If you would like to know more, please click on my picture to take you to my website.

Barney Flisher

Position: Being Cute

Hi i'm Barney,

My job is pretty hard. I need to make sure i'm cute and funny whenever people come over to see my dad. Or when he takes me on shoots I have to make sure that I howl a lot so no one forgets i'm there.

Oh and I love treats. If you have cheese or bacon bits ill be your friend for ever.

Ed Bray

Position: Videographer

Hi i'm Ed

I work with Luke to offer videography to compliment his photography. My company is called Smooth turtle productions. I've worked with Luke for the last year and since we have teamed up we have met many couples to offer them the best package possible to capture their day.

If you would like to know more, please click on my picture to take you to my website.