I want to take a minute to thank a few people for believing in me and helping to push me. I want to say a massive thank you to my beautiful partner Helen. Without her I wouldn’t be doing what I love.

She saw that I had a passion for this and instead of being sceptical of “another hobby”, starting she saw a real passion for taking photos. She sometimes corrected me on shots from her previous experience within marketing and dealing with photographers. She never once doubted me when I said I wanted to turn this in to a career, instead she asked me what help I needed.

Being a man I didn’t want to admit I needed help but as the saying goes behind every great man is a greater woman. Helen really is, she is so smart and knows how to put me in the right places at the right time. With her knowledge of marketing she has helped me to get my website designed built and marketed. She has also helped to get me in front of potential customers and to help build the rapport with them. So Helen from the bottom of my heart thank you.

I also want to thank my mum Debbie Alderson. This woman is also another pillar in my life that has allowed me to draw strength from and stop doubting myself and my ability. Yes I am learning but as my mum always says “you have to start somewhere darling”. Without her giving me chances to take my little sister portfolio shots which have been sent to big London model agencies, I doubt I would have believed I could do this style of shoots. My mum is probably the most critical person to shoot in front of. But she knows what she wants. And to hear from her that she loves what I have captured of my little sister Izzy has made me feel more at ease behind the camera.

Lastly I want to thank the people at the Prince’s Trust who have given me the opportunity to come along to courses and to receive input in how I should run my business. Without them I think I would be spending a lot more money setting up my company instead of just trusting in myself and what I can do with regards to running it.

So as I have said before the journey is properly beginning for me now and with lots of enquiries and work starting to come in I look forward to what I am going to achieve this year.