Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life, and at Flisher Photography, it’s our priority to perfectly preserve your cherished moments. We’ll capture those beautiful, heart-tingling flurries of passion and affection, so you can look back and relive the magic, time and time again.


We encapsulate the romance, energy and magic of your day, while ensuring we photograph the personality of your special guests. We believe there is no cookie-cutter formula to the perfect wedding portfolio, as each day is an individual and unique as you and your story.

We’ll tell your story with the care and dedication it deserves, capturing each spellbinding moment. We’ll honour and respect your space, becoming as visible or hidden as the moment dictates. And, bridging the gap between professionalism, and warm, genuine human connection, we’ll be part of the team ensuring your day is the best of your lives.


We’ve been providing exceptional wedding photography to Lincolnshire couples for over five years and can safely say we are 100% in love with YOUR love, and with our job! Our legacy of happy couples is a testament to our service. We take the trust bestowed to us as a great responsibility and a gift that we cherish. We understand that a wedding happens but once, and to capture this epic moment is an honour and a privilege.

Whether you want full creative control, or you’re happy to let us weave our magic, you can rely on the quality of our work. Wedding photography isn’t just our business; it’s our life. It’s an art-form we’ve spent years cultivating, and it’s this pure passion for artistic, imaginative wedding photography that we’re so proud to offer you.


Alongside engagement and wedding photography, we also offer pet and family photoshoots. From capturing the essence of youth and snapping your rapidly growing children in motion, to catching a perfect photo of your cherished family pet; we’re all about making great memories. We know how precious these moments are. We make photoshoots fun, relaxed and easy, and we’re trained in the art of child and pet wrangling! Whether set in stunning local woodland, or in a photo studio, we’ll create the perfect picture for you. For more information about our Family and Pet packages please get in touch.


We firmly believe that this partnership is more than just a business exchange; it’s personal! We want to know everything you’re dreaming of, from the big ideas to the tiniest of inklings.

Although we mainly work around Lincolnshire, the East Midlands, and Yorkshire areas, we’re always up for an adventure, further afield.

If we sound like your dream team, please call, we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, please send us a message through our hassle-free contact form, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a face to face meeting and talk through your initial ideas.

Make marvellous memories on your extraordinary day with Flisher Photography!